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Ancient Dagaria: When humans first existed, 8 powerful shamans foresaw a bleak future unless humanity could be united. They sacrificed themselves and combined all their souls into one, creating the ultimate immortal human, the Emperor of Mankind.

Between Ancient times to 1320 Years Ago: The Emperor uses many methods in his attempt to unite humanity. Legendary heroes, villains who were up to no good, famous craftsmen, philosophers, the unknown; many of these were the Emperor at some point, attempting to plot a method to unite the world.

1330 Years Ago: The Emperor decides subtlety is for the birds and seizes control of a region of Dagaria during a period of time when Dagaria was under severe civil stress and war. Not waiting a beat, he begins to create superhuman soldiers using a mix of magic and science.

Between 1330 to 1207 Years Ago: The Emperor unites all of Dagaria under his rule and begins a merciless purge of religion. No religion existed and this portion of time was a nadir for all gods. With no worship, all deities needed to take any measure possible to make sure they could still exist. The Emperor even banned worship of himself. His armies were still kept occupied by daemons and the first showing of individuals who had been corrupted by some force.

Between 1207 to 1200 Years Ago: The Emperor's son, Horus, revolts against the Emperor, taking half of the Emperor's legions with him. A seven year long war known as the Horus Heresy, brother fights against brother as the rebels slowly become corrupted by daemons and other evil forces. During the Heresy, many loyal humans began to see the Emperor as a god sent to Dagaria to fight against the evils of Horus and his legions. The Imperial Cult was formed.

1200 Years Ago: The Emperor kills Horus but is mortally wounded in the process. The Horus Heresy ends. The Emperor slowly begins to realize that he had, in effect, become a god and the number of worshipers he had outnumbered the worshipers any other god had due to the purges. Taking advantage of this fact, the Emperor ascended to godhood after his mortal body died and he became the God-Emperor of Mankind and the patron deity of humanity.


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